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  1. Beautifully beautiful. Thank you James 🤩

  2. Good day Holger, This is the first time I’ve known about Sarvapriyananda. I’m so happy to listen to his clear…

  3. Thank you James! What do I really know? An untangling happens by grace, not in my control. The “me” wants…

  4. It would be useful to mention that the author of this poem is either Clare Harner, or unknown, or in…

  5. Fabulous!!!💃 The One Being is in an eternal dance with itself💛

  6. Nice post and a great invitation to suspend our reliance on the conditioned mind and relax in not-knowing and contemplate…

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Currently this may look like kindergarten… but envision the potential of gathering our pearls. With a little thinking and inspiration we can create some beautiful practical art… Please share your thoughts and beyond! Sending a quick note is very simple (bottom of each page).