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Posted by Holger Hubbs:

Addendum (03-18-2023):

Having something posted on this website
is not necessarily an endorsement.

All words are concessions
as they are simply pointers or stepping stones,
to experience the effortless abundance
of simply being myself, as I am.

Our true nature is always whole and complete,
it doesn’t need waiting, fixing or improving;
seeing this unfolds in time.

Identified as a person we imagine our own suffering;
after the unveiling the person instrument remains,
but unburdened from faulty thinking and misidentification.


Initial Version:

For the unprepared mind this website might just be mumble jumble.
Mental indigestion is likely to arise when you read too much, too fast.

What you read, please do not degrade it into mere beliefs!
Investigate, keep the words alive as precious pointers to the nameless.

This website is not about content, but Presence, here and now.
Slow down, relax without being lazy.

What do I really want?
Seeking has to be practical.


It is too easy to get agitated.

Concepts, opinions, ideas, right and wrong (looks, body-language, tone of voice)…
It doesn’t take much to make the person feel uncomfortable.


It is possible to meet each other in an atmosphere of openness and gratitude.

We cannot avoid that our person gets triggered, but we can more and more experience how our investment in this “me” relaxes.


On the level of “making sense” there is “me” and “other” dancing.

It becomes more enjoyable, once we see our own me-chanism.


It can be quite humbling to see that what I was always longing for is always here and now; only veiled by faulty thinking and unaware muscle memory.


This website is intended for slow reading and brave exploration.
No need for eagerness or mental acrobatics.

The words here are all concessions, like bones to calm a nervous dog.
The words here are only pointers: be knowingly the presence of awareness.

Nothing to gain, nothing to lose; free of the sense of lack.


“The greatest gift one can render Humanity is to recognize one’s true nature.”

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Coming together, dedicated to love and truth, is most precious.
Blaming the other and running away is easy; I did this for 50+ years.

Ram Dass once said: “If you think you are enlightened, go and spend a week with your family.”

Created: March 18, 2023 
Last modified: July 15, 2023

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