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Disclaimer: This is a laboratory! Bravely explore, don’t assume ❤️

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  1. Concerning’I am no one’ ~~~ There is a misunderstanding concerning ‘I am no one’. I am no one does not…

  2. Yes, love and intelligence permeate and guide our perceptions and behaviors once the inner understanding is revealed and established. The…

  3. You’re welcome! I really enjoy sharing!

  4. Logic applied to the inquiry into consciousness is a ‘higher’ logic than logic applied to the phenomenal realm. Higher reasoning…

  5. That which we are never dies. I met Mo very briefly and was touched by the love. Never apart.

  6. My mother used to say: “you cannot put a Schnitzel into a dollhouse.” Maybe it’s just a thinking error… past…

  7. This dialogue between Rupert and me never occurred because the past does not exist.😊 –George

Currently this may look like kindergarten… but envision the potential of gathering our pearls. With a little thinking and inspiration we can create some beautiful practical art… Please share your thoughts and beyond! Sending a quick note is very simple (bottom of each page).