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Disclaimer: Welcome to the laboratory, explore with an open heart ❤️

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  1. “Give up your life and you will find Life” Never loosing the awareness of our ever present Life force. There…

  2. Hamid on Hey

    😂😂 exactly!

  3. Deanna Westendorf on Hey

    Hamid! AWESOME PHOTO😅🥳🕊️ That’s the Surprise look when you realize you are the One Awareness of all that is🥳🥳🤣

  4. Beautifully beautiful. Thank you James 🤩

  5. Good day Holger, This is the first time I’ve known about Sarvapriyananda. I’m so happy to listen to his clear…

  6. Thank you James! What do I really know? An untangling happens by grace, not in my control. The “me” wants…

Currently this may look like kindergarten… but envision the potential of gathering our pearls. With a little thinking and inspiration we can create some beautiful practical art… Please share your thoughts and beyond! Sending a quick note is very simple (bottom of each page).