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Flow State or Flow Nature?

Posted by Holger:

Dear [friend],
I enjoyed our Zoom.

Feeling elevated, light, being our natural state;
not something added, but Presence dis-covered.


Me cannot do it.

But me can relax and give UP.

Relaxing without being lazy.

Giving up might feel like dying, not being in control.


Just being with what is.

Not in the story-world, but naked and open right now.


Not the cold of the rational thinking mind,
but the gentleness and warmth of “I don’t know”.


“Events happen, deeds are done, but there is no personal doer thereof”.


Listening to the Universe.

Doing each moment what I feel/think to do.

What more could be done?


Can it be so simple?

The “Ya-but” voice habitually arises…
but whose voice is it?


Discerning mind-stuff from what-is.

“A fingernail can hide the sun”.

The little me-belief turns the gift and mystery of life into suffering.


Simply to understand the me-chanism of unhappiness.


Yes, there is food-shelter-clothing…
governed by our biological intelligence.

What do I really want?


Mind is a story-machine.

What am I really certain about right now?



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Created: April 18, 2024 
Last modified: April 18, 2024

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One response to “Flow State or Flow Nature?”

  1. JAMES EVANS Avatar

    Thank you, very nice.

    I think there are many me’s. Some me’s understand the way to fulfillment is to give-up, relax and be quiet.

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