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Dear W & R

Posted by Holger:

I am just talking to myself,
without any claim:


Thank you W for recently inspiring me
to share authentic content and not just parrot,
or hide behind the bushes.

The pain body loves grudge and separation,
because it strengthens the sense of a private “me”.


We are dealing with lifelong thinking/feeling
patterns and paradoxes.

We can allow ourself not to
personally like each other;
no need to please “other”.

But allow me to love you as myself.


Dear R,

We agree that it is not about
right or wrong in the world of ideas,
but to be knowingly/effortlessly aware,
whatever arises;
discerning source from appearance.


All words only as pointers!
Not to be stuck in them.


Pride, shame, guilt, blame, expectations,
attachment to outcome are generated by the fake me.

Suffering is self-entertained.

All psychological discomfort is rooted
in a simple misunderstanding:
Being a-mazed with the conceptual “me”
and disregarding the experiential “I am”.


Quite amazing, how we overlook the elephant in the room,
since decades; and how the “me” is too proud to surrender.

(Again, I am just talking to myself,
with clunky words.)


R, I hear you once in a while complain about “I am”…
“The I am itself is an illusion.”

We both appreciate the pointer:
use a splinter to remove the splinter
embedded in your skin and then throw them both away.


Isn’t “I” this splinter?

Without love we are stuck in thinking.


Please excuse the Christian namespace:
God says “I am”,
the devil says “I am”,
R says “I am”.

Which is the real “I”?

Someone recommended:
reserve the word I for Consciousness/Reality!

There is also one of those Christian commandments:
“Don’t take the name of the Lord [I am] in vain.”

All words only as pointers,
for loving exploration,
willing to effortlessly die to the false,
no matter how seemingly “real” it feels.


As a friend, allow me to suggest:
fall in love with “I am”,
beyond doubt.

The simple sense, I exist.

It doesn’t require mental cleverness
to discern which “I” “I am”;
love does the job.

I – the effortless sense of being.

“Only what is false can die!”

“Just sit and know that you are the I am
without words. Nothing else has to be done.”


Ya but ❤️

Sorry, in case it sounds a little preachy.

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Created: September 7, 2023 
Last modified: September 7, 2023

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