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Nisargadatta Maharaj – Going Beyond the I Am – Advaita

Posted by Holger:

Transcript from Samaneri Jayasāra:

I am awareness, beyond I am.

Understanding the I am, your sense of being,
or just presence is extremely important
as on it rests the entire outcome of the teaching.

You have to be,
before anything else can be.

Your sense of presence
or the feeling I am
is really fundamental
to anything that has to follow.

The sense of being,
or the feeling I am,
was it not the very first event or happening
before any of your living experiences could begin?

Apply your mind.
Go back in time.
Try to recollect the moment
when for the first time,
it dawned on you that you are
or I am.
This nascent I am
is without words or nonverbal.

This I am is still there with you,
ever present, ever available.
It was, and still is the first thought.
Refuse all other thoughts and come back there and stay there.

Establish yourself firmly in the I am
and reject all that does not go with it.
Only the I am is certain.
It is impersonal.
All knowledge stems from it.
It is the root.

Hold on to it
and let all else go.

When the I am goes,
all that remains is the absolute.
Give all your attention to the I am.

The I am is the sum total of all that you perceive.
It’s time bound.
The I am itself is an illusion.

You were not the I am.
You were prior to it.

Immortality is freedom from the feeling I am.
To have that freedom remain in the sense, I am.

The beginning and the end of knowledge is the I am.
Be attentive to the I am.
Once you understand it, uou are apart from it.

You must meditate on the I am
without holding onto the body mind.

The I am is the first ignorance.
Persist on it, and you will go beyond it.

Your guru, your god, is the I am.

With its coming came duality and all activity.
Stay on the I am.
You are before the I am appeared.

Remain focused on the I am until it goes into oblivion.
Then the eternal IS, the absolute IS.
Para Brahman IS.

Remember the knowledge I am only,
and give up the rest.
Staying in the I am
you realize that it is unreal.

Understand that the knowledge I am
has dawned on you,
and all are its manifestations.

In this understanding,
you realize you are not the I am.

When this concept I am departs,
there will be no memory left that I was
and I had those experiences.

The very memory will be erased.

With the arrival of the primary concept I am
time began.
With its departure time will end.

You, the absolute,
and not the primary concept, I am.

Appearance and disappearance,
birth and death;
these are the qualities of I am,
they do not belong to you,
the absolute.

Out of the nothingness,
the I am or beingness has come.
There is no individual.

The knowledge I am,
not the individual has to go back to its source.

By meditating on the knowledge I am
it gradually settles down at its source
and disappears.

Then you are the absolute.

Go on to know the I am,
without words.

You must be that
and not deviate from it,
for even a moment;
and then it will disappear.

Get stabilized in the primary concept I am,
in order to lose it
and be free from all concepts.

In understanding the unreality of I am,
you were totally free from it.

Sitting quietly,
Being one with the knowledge, I am.

You will lose all concern with the world,
then the I am will also go,
leaving you as the absolute.

Putting aside everything,
stabilizing the I am.

As you continue with this practice,
in the process you will transcend the I am.

Keep focused on the I am
until you become a witness to it.
Then you stand apart.
You have reached the highest.

When you remain in the I am,
you will realize everything else is useless.

And then you are Para Brahman,
the absolute.

The one who abides in that principle
by which they know I am
knows all and does not require anything.

Just sit and know that you are the I am
without words. Nothing else has to be done.

Shortly you will arrive
to your natural absolute state.

You have to realize that you are
not the body or the knowledge I am.

You as the absolute are neither,
nor do you require them.

The absolute or Para Brahman
is prior to the I am.
It is the unborn state.

So how can it have
or even require the knowledge I am?

You have to transcend the I am
to enter the concept free Para Brahman state,
where you do not even know you are.

One who has realized the knowledge I am.
which means transcending it as well,
for them, there is no birth or death,
nor any karma.

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Created: September 6, 2023 
Last modified: September 6, 2023

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