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“You hurt me, I hate you.”

Posted by Holger:

“You hurt me, I hate you.”

Materialism is the default mode.
It is the easiest mode, it runs on auto-pilot.
Me, you, this, that, good, bad.

There we are easily intimidated by thoughts and feelings;
estranged from love, beauty and intelligence through “me”.


The root of suffering and unhappiness
is the sense of personal doership:
– I am an insulated private entity,
in control of what I think, say and do.
– My happiness depends on circumstances.
– As a separate-self I am afraid to be diminished
and hungry to be aggrandized.


The way out of the mess is through the mess,
via applied nonduality and creative self-inquiry.
But even this can be hijacked by spiritual ego.

Bravery, earnestness and radical openness
are available to everyone.
Kudos to truth lovers who have nothing to hide or lose.


“You hurt me, I hate you”…
For sure we are more sophisticated than that
and softly point out that the “other”
has unresolved psychological issues.

Been there, done that.


What is the alternative to materialism and suffering?
What is more important than being right
and comfortable in our familiarity?


“Most people run away with their person,
instead to run away from their person.”

Dedicated human interchange is priceless:


>>> “The Other Is Only A Messenger.”

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Created: September 15, 2023 
Last modified: September 15, 2023

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