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Where is the confusion, the unhappiness?

Posted by Holger:

Where is the confusion?

When I read a quote it’s not so much about who said what,
but more importantly: how does it resonates in me.

Fear, doubt, loneliness, confusion, unhappiness.

Then there is pleasure, optimism, feeling good.

“Whatever comes, goes.”

What do all experiences – the whole spectrum – have in common?

What does it take to see how we create unhappiness for ourself?

“Truth is an activity in our own consciousness.”

Who is reading these words here and now?

I am.

How invested, how clear, how transparent am I?

How much psychological agitation or eagerness is there?

What do I assume myself to be?

Growing up I assumed that body,
thoughts and feelings are “me”.

Welcome to la la land.

None of it as a problem,
but opportunities to investigate, to look closer;
to discover the difference between conceptualizing and experiencing.

Once we see this, it is so simple and obvious.

Someone asks the question:
on whose behalf does this thought/feeling arise?

Or: am I aware?

In la la land thoughts and feelings are “me”;
hungry to be aggrandized, afraid to be diminished.

Relaxing the thinking mind threatens the assumed “me”.

This can go on for decades, for lifetimes.

Sooner or later we discover Presence.

Super simple, effortless:
I am aware of body-mind-world…

Without doubt I am!

I am something rather than nothing.

But I cannot tell you what I am.

What a paradox, what a gift.

How to use words for the nameless?

How to point to the end of suffering?

It is not rocket-science, but it requires bravery.

The bravery of having had enough misery and unhappiness;
the gut feeling that life is more than circumstances.

“Whatever comes, goes.”

“What do I really want?”

Thoughts and feelings can appear very intimidating or impressive.

For myself, I was stuck for decades in what I believed to be “me”.

Thinking, reading, watching videos has its part,
but what makes the biggest difference for “me” are friends
dedicated to the end of suffering (GardenOfFriends.com).

It takes human contact to discover something in myself which is no-thing.

Like the pristine lotus growing out of the mud.

“What to do” asks the mind.

“Just be still and know the truth.”

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Created: November 11, 2022 
Last modified: December 12, 2022

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