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We Eddies

Posted by James:

We Eddies

We are like eddies of the great ocean
Floating in our source and being.
Brushing across fellow gyres,
We share drops of ourselves,
Taste each other’s knowing,
Recognize our source.
Those more tightly wound
Throw off disturbances;
Those more relaxed
Absorb disturbances and
Ease their neighbors’ tension.
All are of, by and for the great ocean.
Believing we have independence
We search for satisfaction among
The flotsam and fellow eddies of the vastness.
Ignorant that it is our source, space and material.
When the energy driving our gyrating runs down
We begin to relax and taste our essence
Which we float in.
Happiness is found in recognition that we are
the ocean, it is ourself and
All eddies share, and are, our source and material.

One Source

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Created: April 7, 2024 
Last modified: April 7, 2024

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2 responses to “We Eddies”

  1. Holger Avatar

    Thank you James 🥰

  2. Elena Greenbury Avatar
    Elena Greenbury

    Beautifully beautiful. Thank you James 🤩

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