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Wayne Liquorman and non-duality?

Posted by Holger:

I really mean it.

Please Look
if you can
it is all
right here
in this eternal moment
you cannot grasp it
you cannot have it.

it is yours
it is you
it is all there is.

My guru said
the universe is not human-hearted
and I was transformed.

We humans
are but one small part
of a vast whole
but not particularly important.

There is no need
for you to be other than you are
in fact it is impossible.

So look!
please look
if you can
and perhaps
Nothing will happen!

With much love,


What does Wayne Liquorman say about non-duality?

Wayne Liquorman is known for his teachings on non-duality, which is a philosophical and spiritual concept that suggests there is no fundamental distinction between the self and the universe. While I don’t have direct access to Wayne Liquorman’s specific teachings, I can provide a general overview of the key principles commonly associated with non-duality:

Non-duality typically posits that there is a fundamental unity or oneness that underlies all of existence. It suggests that the boundaries we perceive between individuals and the world are illusory.

Absence of Separate Self:
Non-duality often emphasizes the absence of a separate, enduring self or ego. It suggests that the individual self is a construction of the mind and not a permanent entity.

Direct Experience:
Non-duality encourages direct experiential inquiry as a means to understand the nature of reality. This may involve meditation, self-inquiry, and a shift in one’s perception or awareness.

Beyond Dualistic Thinking:
It promotes transcending dualistic thinking, which is the tendency to see the world in terms of opposites (good/bad, right/wrong). Non-duality suggests that these dualities are relative and not fundamental.

Living in the Present:
Non-duality often emphasizes the importance of living in the present moment, as it is where the direct experience of oneness can be most readily accessed.

No Doer, Only Doing:
This perspective suggests that actions occur without a separate doer. In other words, there is a recognition that actions are unfolding as part of the interconnected web of existence.

The Illusion of Separation:
Non-duality challenges the idea that we are separate from the world and others. It suggests that this separation is a mental construct and not the ultimate reality.

Keep in mind that Wayne Liquorman may have his own unique interpretation and teachings on non-duality, which could expand on or differ from these general principles. To gain a more precise understanding of his views, I recommend exploring his books, lectures, or website if available, and consulting any specific sources related to his teachings.



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Created: October 30, 2023 
Last modified: October 30, 2023

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