The person cannot “be”. –

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The person cannot “be”.

Posted by Holger:

Just sitting here, looking at some random notes/scribbles
from this morning’s Garden Of Friends meeting.

Amazing all those thoughts, quotes, pointers;
and how delicious to be this causeless peace:


“The person can’t be.” (James)

The assumed “me”,
the psychological entity,
cannot rest in being,
because it itself is only a mental construct
(10% faulty thinking and 90% muscle-memory).

I am Holger, I am getting older,
I am a winner, I am a loser…
are narratives in the world of ideas,
rendering beliefs, attitude,
imaginations into limited
time-bound 3D experiences.


“You walk until there is no place to go.” (Irena)


I am,
I simply am.
Being myself, effortlessly.
inner space,
quiet joy.


“Resting in awareness” or
“Resting AS awareness?”

Amazing how a little word can make all the difference.
It is not about making-sense, explaining how life works;
but to see, understand and embrace the gift of Awareness,
in and as myself; mundane, ordinary, pragmatic and sweet.


Lorri shared the following,
but I don’t recall her exact words
and how she named it:

1. Consciousness exists
2. Life appears as duality.
3. Once we see the dualities,
we notice the movie screen,
the reality of being.

(Sorry, in case I butchered it.
Depending on the conceptual framework
you are used too,
words might mean differently;
but reality always IS.)


At the beginning of our Garden Of Friends meeting
the difference between “concept” and “theory” came up:

Concept or Theory?


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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Created: February 14, 2024 
Last modified: February 14, 2024

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One response to “The person cannot “be”.”

  1. LORRI A HANSON Avatar

    Gratitude arises for the gift of friendships.
    Welcoming all to come and sit with us.
    See y’all soon,

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