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Stability is Your Own True Nature

Posted by Holger:


ChatGPT: The conversation revolves around the fear of being lost and the concept of being a separate consciousness. One person expresses a desire to eliminate fear, but the other explains that any desire is a form of fear. They suggest examining the belief in being a separate person and not allowing it to go unchecked in the mind. The conversation concludes with the idea that stability comes from one’s true nature rather than seeking it from the perspective of being a person.

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Created: June 1, 2023 
Last modified: June 1, 2023

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One response to “Stability is Your Own True Nature”

  1. Janet Avatar

    That was so good!!! No object can find stability… Stability is your True Nature!
    It makes so much sense that the only real obstacle is misidentifying as an object when I Am is the subject. All the anger and frustration and fear’s comes from this illusion. 🤗

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