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Satsang Summary 07-02-2023

Posted by Holger:

2 hour Satsang summarized by
Roger: Continuous happiness (peace of mind) is available 07/02/2023

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Summary 1
The topic of tonight’s satsang is unbroken happiness, which, as many of you know, really means peace of mind in daily living. When the seeking delivers what it’s all about, what’s left is really something quite simple.

Summary 2
Peace of mind and daily living is something available to all of us. The opposite to peace of mind is what we can call suffering. The thinking mind is based on a set of ingrained beliefs about who we are and what life is.

Summary 3
The spiritual teachings start pointing it, why you are not what you think you are. And we start being equipped with information then an investigation, an interest, a curiosity, are looking. And that inquiry starts to see the error, starts to sees the mistakes. That is the substitution of what I truly am.

Summary 4
The movement outward in life, the insistence that my completeness is based on outcomes, has forced us to disconnect from the consciousness aspect that functions through us. The peace of mind in daily living is lost. The stories about how we need life to be simply aren’t there.

Summary 5
In all of the injustices in life, changing. All of the imperfections in life changing. The only way that I entity is theoretically going to be comfortable is when life becomes perfect. Even when life become perfect in circumstance that identity is going to get the shock of its life. It’s going to find itself in the perfect world, still uncomfortable with itself.

Summary 6
Don’t become complacent. Always do your best. Understand that even what you do To try and improve the situation is not really in your control.

Summary 7
Buddhism teaches that the cause of suffering is desire. The Buddhist monk will have their fancy clothes taken away from them. They will be given cold water showers. And ask not to talk so much.

Summary 8
Once the attachment to outcomes is broken, which means the connection to self is there. It isn’t valid to try and rectify human freedoms. For as long as that is getting in the way of our priority in life.

Summary 9
Peace of mind is even simpler than the feeling of being. Peace of mind really is the absence of suffering.

Summary 10
Walter M. Schulder: What is available on a continuous unbroken state is the very simple absence of suffering. When this is appreciated, it becomes something that when it’s not there, is not a problem.

Summary 11
In the moment that something has happened, you are fully wrapped up. Where where there’s no there’s absolutely no space. your this complete involvement. As that understanding deepens, so you know, the the anxiety is a very strong form of suffering. And then the attitude kicks in and says, actually, the suffering is here. It’s a result of the belief in personal dealership.

Summary 12
Walter Mosley: What you experienced the other day makes complete sense. It’s part of the the doer mechanism, which, as I mentioned earlier, today is seems to be a natural progression of human evolution or human development. And then the seeking comes in, and it and that is a sort of an extension of human evolution where the previously ingrained doership starts to get weaker and weaker and eventually isn’t there.

Summary 13
When it comes to this virus, if we get it, it is part of life’s will. this virus is for us. Some awakened teachers seem angry. Isn’t that all part of the unfolding?

Summary 14
Howard Kurtz: In each moment, do exactly what you think or feel to do. Let go of the outcome, understanding that the outcome isn’t in your control.

Summary 15
When it sinks in deeply, we will find ourselves facing a situation, allowing the body to function exactly as it’s designed to function. understanding that that is part of God’s will unfolding. We will not be attached to the outcome knowing it not in my control. So we will sit back and relax to wait and see what the outcome is.

Summary 16
There’s a reason why I listen to spiritual teachings. I I wouldn’t be able to put that reason into words, but maybe for your own to be. able to say things more clearly or, you know, and and to come from that perspective.

Summary 17
If you find yourself taking 10 deep breaths and not saying anything, that is you witnessing yourself having a measured response. If you witness the body getting extremely angry, at the person, then you are witnessing anger arising.

Summary 18
This teaching says, allow yourself to be as you are. Allow destiny to unfold. and witness it unfolding as it unfolds.

Summary 19
If someone judges you and then you blame them for judging you, it’s painful. They’re the ones that are suffering. And as long as you don’t blame them, then it’ll just be a painful situation. And whether you suffer or not is dependent on your attitude to the fact that they’re expecting things of you.

Summary 20
If the expectation is cumulative, it can be felt like a great oppression by you. And so in some situations, if the circumstance is very painful, If you can move away from the circumstance, that also makes sense. But if you can’t, the best thing is for your attitude to adjust such that the circumstances and being turned into your own suffering.

Summary 21
Parents are as ignorant as the majority of humanity, he says. When they say you should be different, they’re essentially misunderstanding the nature of life. And so if a parent had that understanding, they would still try to encourage a child in a healthy way.

Summary 22
And if you can move away from a circumstance that is painful, then why not? Right? You don’t need to keep subjecting yourself to painful circumstance. But understand, even if you move away, still, the underlying attitude needs to change. Otherwise, that attitude is going to be triggered in a new circumstance. So that is the message of today’s Satsung.


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