Roger: Continuous happiness (peace of mind) is available 07/02/2023 –

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Roger: Continuous happiness (peace of mind) is available 07/02/2023

Posted by Holger Hubbs:

Sunday, July 2, 2023 6:00 am (California Time)  

We are a small group of friends, interested in nonduality.

Join us Sunday, 9AM (EST, New York Time).
We will be basing the discussion
around one of Roger’s Satsangs (see YouTube link below.)

Feel free to share this link and invite others that are
interested in Roger’s teaching framework.
Hope to see you there.

Roger Castillo – Continuous happiness (peace of mind) is available
Live Satsang with Roger April 8, 2020


No time to listen to a 2 hour Satsang?
Take a look here, and listen anyway, it’s really important!


… peace of mind in daily living is our birthright, and it is available to all of us. The message is that all of us, at our very core, are the absence of fear and uncomfortableness. Even in times of uncertainty and fear, our essence is peace of mind and comfortableness with life.

Suffering is based on a certain type of thinking that relates to what is happening or might happen, and within that thinking, there is a sense of identity or an image of who we are. This identity is essentially a thought form that covers up our true nature and prevents us from experiencing peace of mind. Spiritual teachings point out that we are not what we think we are, and when we start investigating and questioning our beliefs about ourselves and life, the psychological identity weakens and collapses. The inquiry starts to see the error in our beliefs and mistakes in our interpretation of life, leading to clarity and peace of mind.


(Suggestion: if a specific insight comes
while listening to the Satsang, write it down
so you can have it available for sharing with the group.)

Click here to join our Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 717 7970 7097
Passcode: Y7AzMn

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