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Roger Castillo’s Framework

Posted by Irena:

Irena: As far as Roger’s framework, he mentions in virtually every satsang:

The flow of life is always pleasure and pain.
Suffering is always on the level of our attitude towards the pleasures and pains.

We are suffering when we are uncomfortable with ourselves or the other.

That sense of uncomfortableness shows up as guilt, blame,
pride, worry and anxiety and expectations to outcome.

Suffering shows up because we believe that we are a separate entity, separate from life, doers of life, and we see others as separate entities, doers of naturally we feel guilt, shame and pride towards our doings, and blame towards the doings of others.

Watching the forms of suffering arise in daily living can give us clues about the deeply ingrained beliefs of personal doership in different aspects of our life.

There has never been a doer, just the belief in a doer.
The sperm and the egg came together and life grew us, we were never in control of it.

Each moment the human is a result of our genes and up-to-date conditioning and all actions/inactions, choices, doings happen based on those two factors.

So in each moment the human can only act one way, based on the genes and conditioning in that very moment.

It’s the thinking mind, rooted in personal doership that comes back with the thinking that the moment could have played out any other way, and based on that assumption, guilt, blame and pride arise and disturb our peace of mind.

Peace of mind is our natural state, Happiness that is not based on outcome but peace is our birthright.

When life is seen as a happening, not my doing, peace is there.
As the forms of suffering are seen in daily living, the energy of doership starts to dissolve.
As the the concepts are verified for ourselves through daily living, the understanding goes in deeper, dissolving more of the energy of doership, revealing more peace.

Everything in the teaching is a concept not the truth.
The only truth in the manifestation is the sense of I am….

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Created: December 4, 2022 
Last modified: January 30, 2023

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