Live Satsang: What is A Glimpse Into Truth? (06/04/2023) –

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Live Satsang: What is A Glimpse Into Truth? (06/04/2023)

Posted by Magdi Badawy:

Sunday, June 4, 2023 11:00 am (California Time)  

ChatGPT, summarizing parts of the meditation:
The analogy of an orange orchard is used to illustrate that our true nature, represented by “I,” is not limited to a specific location but permeates our entire experience. This formless reality, consciousness, is the source of all manifestation, including thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

The passage suggests that understanding about consciousness and reality is within consciousness itself. Consciousness can veil itself, creating the illusion of being a separate individual subject to conditions, or it can unveil itself and realize its oneness with the unopposed reality. The author implies that there are no real problems in this ultimate reality, only the play of opposites and the game of winning and losing.

The reader is invited to play the game of being somebody and to create their own reality, but also to consider the possibility of experiencing a glimpse of their eternity and majesty. This glimpse awakens the lion within, representing a hunger for truth that cannot be ignored. The passage concludes by suggesting that once this glimpse occurs, there is no turning back, and the pursuit of truth becomes an unstoppable force.



What is A Glimpse Into Truth


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Created: June 4, 2023 
Last modified: June 7, 2023

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