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Mind trap

Posted by Holger:

This is a passage in Nisargadatta (I Am That)
I’ve been returning to this past week:

I love this passage.

With respect to “knowing the mind,”
what occurs for me is that some thoughts,
memories, and feelings are tight-woven nets
that “I” appear to get trapped in.
Then I will recognize the trap, “the fall,”
as it were, and I’ll tell myself,
“This is a bubble of Awareness;
you don’t have to consolidate there”
(though really, that is nonverbal).
Usually, that recognition dissolves
the “thought trap”.
But it happens over and over, all day long.
It’s like a pulsation,
like a tiny life/death experience
(though I don’t want to sound dramatic).

And then there are days when I seem
to only be the thought traps,
days when I rarely dissolve them.
I know I’m not really “in control”
of this process,
and liberation is not something
I can choose or compel.
I just wonder if others
experience the mind this way.

Peace and love,

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Created: September 23, 2023 
Last modified: September 24, 2023

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One response to “Mind trap”

  1. Holger Hubbs Avatar

    Just a playful draft:

    Someone said:
    Internally, reserve the word “I” for Reality, for Consciousness.

    Super helpful.


    What gets trapped for me is personal investment;
    the habitual pull of trying to find myself in a narrative, in making-sense.


    The “me” only knows thinking, cannot rest in being.

    What a paradox, this “fully present in my own absence”!


    Seeing the so called thought trap, and allowing it to be there;
    no need for “get me out of here”.

    The automatic/unaware “get me out of here” is suffering, keeps the game alive.

    Only the assumed thinker/feeler can be trapped.

    I am.

    I simply am.


    In the Tao Te Ching is a passage like: “Celebrate victory like a funeral”.
    It’s a really interesting/practical one.

    A little overstretched:
    the funeral of the old “me”, the conceptual-self, the bundle of thoughts and feelings I assumed myself to be; a mind-construct.

    It really doesn’t matter what me-feelings arise… good, bad, indifferent…
    it is like the weather, it takes care of itself.

    I am.

    I simply am.

    Such a (subtle) delight.


    What’s the difference?

    Being willing to betray my beloved fears, doubts and limitations;
    simply by discerning the conceptual “me” from the experiential “I am”.


    Yes, it’s like consciously dying; seemingly.

    Only what is false can die.

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