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Posted by Sina:


Questioner: How do we know that the world we think
is real is real and not a figment of our imagination?

What do we know about the essence of existence?
Maybe everything is maya.

Krishnamurti: I think the word “maya” in Sanskrit
means measurement. As long as the mind has the quality
of measurement, creating illusions will be inevitable.

It is for this reason that they said that since the mind
has no other power and capacity other than the ability
to measure and measure, what is being measured cannot
be anything but an illusion. This is a common philosophy
in India – that the universe is Maya and illusion.

Therefore, they say that life should be built
and tolerated; Illnesses, sufferings, wars and disputes,
take it easy and forget it because everything is an illusion.

But telling a hungry person that the world is an illusion
is completely meaningless and does not cure his pain.

Tell a cancer person that the world is Maya;
will saying this lessen his suffering?

It does not matter whether the world is real
or a figment of imagination. Anyway, it is a fact
that in this real or imaginary world, we kill
each other in humans. We are in constant conflict
and disagreement and have
a thousand other sufferings and problems.

To understand and understand these issues, we must be
in direct contact with their reality;
that is, we should only look at their reality
without the interference of thought,
thought that divides people through prejudice,
fanatical beliefs, the thought of my nationality
and your nationality, and the like.

Jiddu Krishnamurti
July 11, 1967
“Talks and Dialogues”


Thank you Sina.

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Created: April 20, 2023 
Last modified: April 20, 2023

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One response to “Maya”

  1. Magdi Avatar

    All power belongs to God and not to a mind. There are no suffering or non-suffering persons. Our experience is non-dual and does not consist of separate objects.

    Objects, things are conceptual names and forms.
    Nama rupa: This is an oak tree. This is an apple.

    Such concepts are useful but they do not represent reality.
    Believing that concepts refer to reality is ignorance.

    All illusions are the play of consciousness.
    The mind is simply a tool in bigger hands, in the hands of consciousness.

    In fact, there is no such a thing as a mind.
    It is not thought which divides, rather, it is the belief that there is a personal separate self which divides.

    This belief in a personal separate consciousness is not based on any evidence.
    There is no data which supports such a belief.

    Thought should not be vilified.
    Thought is innocent.

    A body may have a certain ailment.
    Maybe a toothache.
    That is part of the play.
    The message is: go to the dentist.

    There is no suffering since there is no personal self to suffer.

    There is no problem with the play which we call a toothache, except if consciousness chooses to play the game of ‘there is a problem, let’s solve it’.

    What is the game you are choosing to play right now?

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