Make this group of friends your stability. –

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Make this group of friends your stability.

Posted by Holger:

“I would encourage you to make this group of friends your stability.”


“Is it possible, or even necessary to be completely free from your trauma?
A man is interested in building a better life and asks for advice on being free from the past.

Rupert discusses the possibility of becoming completely free from trauma, noting that it is not necessary for the trauma to be erased, but rather to build a life around it in which one can function given the challenges. He emphasizes that the trauma need not prevent one from being in touch with the peace of their true nature, though it may temporarily obscure it.

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Rupert explains that in order to find stability in life it is not necessary to heal or get rid of past experiences. It is quite possible that the residues from trauma will never completely dissolve — and they don’t need to. It’s more realistic to realise that because then you’re not expecting them to be erased. Your traumas may from time to time reemerge but that doesn’t prevent you from being in touch with the peace of your true nature.

In terms of your life, you need to provide yourself with circumstances in which you can function without falling apart. The love of truth is your inner stability, but then you want something in the outside world that’s a mirror of this stability. I would encourage you to make this group of friends your stability.

And with this combination — the stability of this group of friends and your inner love of truth, slowly you will find that the other areas of your life begin to steady up, to reflect some stability. You begin to find in your work life, in your home life, in your relationship life, that the steadiness begins to spread into other areas of your life.

This clip comes from one of Rupert’s in-person retreats
at The Vedanta — 17th to 24th September, 2022.”

Created: December 31, 2022 
Last modified: December 31, 2022

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