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Lollipops of Suffering V2

Posted by Holger:

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# Text Elements
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Sense of personal doership ^EI0Vd3dF

and attachment to outcome ^sYoFY90i

guilt ^BnxrrLkj

blame ^N5hv9HdA

pride ^UtHN2nCi

worry & anxiety ^MZaSxHMw

… this uncomfortableness
that arises, we can call that
“attachment to outcome”;
and expectation is also
attachment to outcome
but an attachment to
the outcome before
the outcome has happened. ^Iz0dw6zh

Believe: I will be complete
when life looks a certain way ^p5oBB0U4

guilt for simple acts ^eapdltUJ

lack of self-worth ^GIZIBiwW

sense of
invulnerability ^Lzk5sF2g

insecurity ^TMpyRUpO

shame ^XsiaTkSs

blame for
little things ^j7pPyWD6

resentment ^s3H7Kug6

hatred ^D9CXXhEf

jealousy ^XQaSyiW2

arrogance ^ndT9qWjt

superiority ^Tw0aT0uR

sense of
achievement ^DuwEBJA6

The root of suffering ^J3EAxa2D

Content extracted from Roger Castillo’s Satsang “Flip Flopping” ^XIl1hprj ^2kZVwXoc

Created: January 10, 2023 
Last modified: January 10, 2023

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