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Playing with Ai…

Posted by Holger:

I took the auto-generated transcript from this YouTube video and created chunks.
I then asked Notion‘s AI to summarize those sections:

The teaching starts by directing our attention to the practical level,
as humans tend to get lost in thought and beliefs from a young age.
The teaching suggests to ask the question
“What am I really looking for in life?”
to bring us back on track.
The answer is that we are looking for happiness,
but we may not be sure what that is or where it can be found.

Happiness is not found in outcomes or circumstances,
but rather in an unbroken peace of mind,
regardless of the situation.

Life can be uncomfortable,
but true happiness is found in the absence of something,
not the presence of it.
We can find this peace by letting go of our struggles
and accepting life as it is.

Investigating the difference between concepts and beliefs
can help us understand why we feel so strongly
about certain ideas and why we may have animosity
towards those with opposing beliefs.
Holding beliefs too tightly can lead to hatred
and violence in extreme cases,
so it is important to be aware
of the beliefs we hold
and how they can affect our interactions
with others.

Holding on to a concept as if it is absolute truth
can prevent us from seeing the truth of a situation.
In this case,
if we hold on to the concept that the box is square,
we may not be able to see the box from all angles
and understand it fully.


After summarizing those chunks,
I asked for a summary of the whole section (15 minutes):

Human beings are programmed to seek happiness through pleasure, but this often leads to disappointment and struggle. The teaching suggests that true happiness is found through peace of mind, regardless of circumstance, and is experienced through the falling away of an uncomfortableness with oneself, the other, and life. Concepts and beliefs are often confused, leading to clashes between different belief systems and even violence.

Interesting, this Ai thingy, actually quite impressive; the auto generated transcripts from Youtube are a little messy – just long strings of words without punctuation, interrupted by timestamps. Ai saw context, created sentences and added punctuation.

A great tool to produce content,
but maybe a disaster when it prevents humans from
learning and practicing their mental faculties.

In regard to the teaching…
Words are secondary?
For myself I feel that the key ingredient for ‘spiritual progress’ is human contact – to come out of the me-bubble and be touched by the Presence
in, as and beyond the words.

It’s cool to play with Ai,
and to find out where it can work;
so far it feels a little mechanical and choppy;
but quite a wakeup call.

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Created: January 4, 2023 
Last modified: January 5, 2023

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2 responses to “Playing with Ai…”

  1. Ron Rubin Avatar
    Ron Rubin

    I’m sure it has uses in certain contexts. Would like to see how it handles some passages from Hegel!
    I spend at least a week studying a chapter (3-5 pages) of I Am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj. It’s the personal process of working with the text, trying to connect it to my lived experience, making it part of my toolkit, where the reward is. This is followed up with dialogue with a few like minded people who are doing the same. This strengthens the reward.
    If you find this intriguing, please let me know.

  2. Maha Avatar

    Omg, Notion AI got enlightened 🤩
    Very powerful, thanks for sharing Holger ☺️
    Do you think if we create an AI system and feed it all the YouTube talks of all the living spiritual teachers we create the most enlightened being on earth? 🤪

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