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Kinder-garden of friends?

By now we have discovered that
psychological fear, doubt and limitation
is nothing in and of itself, but simply
the product of 10% misguided thinking
and 90% muscle-memory.

This is not intended as blame, rather
an invitation to risk/embrace clarity:

If a little disclaimer has
the power to intimidate you,
then what capacity is there to
debunk suffering in yourself?

What more is needed to see beyond doubt
that thoughts and feelings are from the past,
are the conceptual “me”,
and not what “I am”.

No need to feel sorry,
but gratitude that we met;
quite amazing this journey
from the head to the heart.

a friend @ Garden of friends

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Posted by: Holger
Created: September 9, 2023
Last modified: September 9, 2023
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