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Holacracy = Organizational Potential

Posted by Holger:

Thank you Sam Sina for the inspiration:


Not to get lost in mind❤️stuff,
but to integrate the “end of suffering”
into practical daily living:


Could you give me some concepts or keywords related to Holacracy?

Certainly! Here are some concepts and keywords related to Holacracy:

Self-Organization: Holacracy is a self-organizing system where power is distributed across teams and individuals, allowing for greater autonomy and decision-making authority.

Circle: In Holacracy, organizations are structured into circles, which are semi-autonomous teams or departments focused on specific functions or roles.

Roles: Instead of traditional job titles, Holacracy emphasizes roles, which define the specific accountabilities and responsibilities of individuals within a circle.

Governance Process: Holacracy has a structured process for making decisions and defining roles called the Governance Process. It involves identifying tensions, proposing changes, and integrating feedback to evolve the organization’s structure.

Tactical Meetings: Regular tactical meetings, known as Tactical Governance Meetings or Tactical Meetings, are held to address operational issues, solve problems, and make day-to-day decisions.

Integrative Decision Making: Holacracy uses a process called Integrative Decision Making to reach agreement and resolve tensions. This process focuses on finding solutions that address the concerns of all parties involved.

Double-Linking: Double-Linking is a communication mechanism in Holacracy that connects circles to facilitate information flow and coordination across different parts of the organization.

Transparent Rules: Holacracy promotes transparency through the use of clear rules and processes, which helps reduce ambiguity and improve accountability.

Distributed Authority: Instead of top-down hierarchical authority, Holacracy distributes authority to individual roles, enabling more distributed decision-making and empowering employees at all levels.

Continuous Improvement: Holacracy encourages a culture of continuous improvement by providing mechanisms for feedback, learning, and adaptation to evolve the organization over time.

These concepts and keywords provide a starting point for understanding Holacracy, a self-management practice aimed at fostering organizational agility, autonomy, and effectiveness.


Holacracy: Examples of “Roles”

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Created: July 10, 2023 
Last modified: July 11, 2023

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One response to “Holacracy = Organizational Potential”

  1. SeenAM Avatar

    You’re very welcome, dear Holger. 😉💎
    May there be peace and prosperity for all. 🙏🏽🕯️

    PS. If interested to pursue further, here is the Holacracy Bootstrap Guide (from Holacracy.org): https://resources.holacracy.org/holacracy-bootstrap-guide


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