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Holacracy: Examples of “Roles”

Posted by Holger:

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Can you give some examples of “roles” in a holacracatic organizion?


Certainly! In a Holacracy organization, roles define specific accountabilities and responsibilities. Here are some examples of roles that might exist within a Holacracy-based organization:

Lead Link: The Lead Link is a role responsible for overseeing a particular circle and ensuring that it functions effectively. They facilitate governance and tactical meetings, coordinate the circle’s activities, and act as a liaison between the circle and higher-level circles.

Facilitator: The Facilitator role is responsible for guiding and supporting the circle’s governance and tactical meetings. They ensure that the meetings follow the defined process, maintain focus, and encourage participation from all members.

Secretary: The Secretary role is responsible for capturing and maintaining records of the circle’s meetings, decisions, and action items. They keep track of the circle’s policies, processes, and any changes made during governance meetings.

Project Manager: A Project Manager role may exist within a circle to oversee specific projects from initiation to completion. They coordinate resources, set timelines, communicate progress, and ensure the project’s goals are met.

Specialist: A Specialist role represents an individual with specific expertise or skills within a particular domain. They contribute their knowledge and experience to help the circle make informed decisions and solve problems related to their area of expertise.

Marketing Coordinator: The Marketing Coordinator role focuses on the circle’s marketing activities. They develop and implement marketing strategies, coordinate campaigns, monitor analytics, and manage relationships with external partners or agencies.

Sales Representative: A Sales Representative role may exist within a circle responsible for generating revenue through sales. They reach out to potential clients, present product or service offerings, negotiate contracts, and maintain customer relationships.

Product Owner: The Product Owner role is responsible for managing the development and enhancement of a specific product or service. They gather requirements, prioritize features, work closely with the development team, and ensure the product meets customer needs.

Customer Support Specialist: The Customer Support Specialist role focuses on providing support and assistance to customers. They respond to inquiries, troubleshoot issues, escalate problems if needed, and maintain customer satisfaction.

Trainer: A Trainer role may exist within a circle responsible for conducting training sessions or workshops to enhance employee skills, knowledge, or awareness in a particular area.

These are just a few examples of the various roles that can exist within a Holacracy organization. The roles can be customized and adjusted based on the organization’s needs and the specific functions and responsibilities required for each circle.

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Created: July 10, 2023 
Last modified: July 11, 2023

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