Gratitude… 02/01/2023 –

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Gratitude… 02/01/2023

Posted by Holger:

Thank you Igor for the amazing photo (Switzerland)
and your Dark Matter Video.


Sorry, 12 hours passed since our meeting,
it feels like days ago.
Just scanning the chat file…

The following snippets are
just for entertainment, far from reflecting the
love, wisdom and beauty of our meeting:


07:40:37 From Ethan to Everyone:
I don’t mind mind


A question to Ai: Can you write an exciting paragraph about anthropomorphism?

ChatGPT: Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human-like qualities, emotions, and characteristics to non-human entities such as animals, objects, and even abstract concepts. It’s a fascinating concept that has captivated humans for centuries, and has been expressed in countless forms of art and literature, from ancient fables featuring talking animals to modern animated films that give inanimate objects personalities. Anthropomorphism allows us to relate to and connect with the world around us in new and imaginative ways, and has inspired some of the most beloved and enduring tales ever told. Whether it’s a mischievous fox, a wise old owl, or a brave toy soldier, the power of anthropomorphism to bring to life the things we once thought of as simply inanimate is truly magical.



07:58:38 From Rachel to Everyone:
Manfred missed last Monday and I almost cried 😢
07:59:25 From Lisa to Everyone:
Yes, I miss Manfred when he is not zooming with us
07:59:41 From Ethan to Everyone:
Me too!


08:04:12 From Lisa to Everyone:
almond flower is very yummy
08:04:33 From Madi to Everyone:


08:05:53 From Sina to Everyone:

08:06:55 From Lisa to Everyone:
Bolas De Berlim is my favorite pastry,
accompanied by dry white wine 😉


08:09:20 From Rachel to Everyone:
Nothing would be more tiresome
than eating and drinking
if God had not made them
a pleasure as well as a necessity.

· Voltaire ·


08:21:36 From Lisa to Everyone:
no way not to arrive at the place that is never left…

08:21:42 From Sina to Everyone:
Tantric and Vedantic path

“Advaita vedanta is the path of exclusion, the inwards facing path or the direct path to Self-realization. The Kashmir Tantric approach is the path of inclusion, the outwards facing path, or the identification with All.”


08:29:33 From Allen to Everyone:
“The sought is the seeker thereof”
Wei Wu Wei


09:01:58 From Rachel to Everyone:
Love to all ❤️

The above was part of the

Greetings to Walter and all the other friends.

M, some days ago Manfred was concerned that he scared you away…


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