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Gautam Sachdeva: Live on Zoom

Posted by Holger:

Sunday, June 9, 2024 10:00 pm (California Time)  

Sunday, 9th June, 10:30 am – 11:30 am (India Time)

Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 83518122521
Passcode: Advaita



Gautam Sachdeva stands out in his teaching of non-duality by emphasizing practical applications and daily living aspects of spiritual wisdom. Unlike some teachings that can become abstract or theoretical, Gautam focuses on bringing peace of mind and equanimity into everyday life. His approach resonates with Eckhart Tolle’s emphasis on “being” and Ramesh’s teachings on peace of mind, making the concepts of non-duality tangible and applicable.

Moreover, Gautam Sachdeva’s perspective on reincarnation showcases his nuanced understanding. While acknowledging the absolute view in non-duality that denies reincarnation, he delves into the concept by questioning what truly reincarnates, exploring the complexities of ego and identity beyond physical death.

In addition, Gautam Sachdeva’s teaching style is characterized by simplicity and practicality. He advocates for acceptance of the present moment, aligning with teachings that emphasize the beauty in simplicity. By focusing on peace, equanimity, and acceptance of the Source’s will, he guides individuals to navigate daily challenges with a sense of calm and clarity.

Overall, Gautam Sachdeva’s unique approach lies in his ability to bridge profound spiritual concepts with practical applications in daily life, offering a holistic perspective on non-duality that is both accessible and transformative.


The meeting will also be live streamed on YouTube.
Livechat on YouTube will be off.
If you wish to ask a question please join Zoom meeting. 

Instructions to attend the Zoom meeting:

– Please turn on your video so as to
keep these sessions interactive,
just like a real satsang.
– Please use your real name and surname
as your profile name. This will help us
detect unwanted elements.
– The meeting will be locked
after Gautam enters the meeting.
No new entries can be made after that.
– Due to security threats, we have disabled
the option to unmute yourself.
– If we see any objectionable name/profile-image/video,
they will be removed from the meeting.
– If you have any issues with the audio/video
please contact the host via chat.
– To ask a question please start your video
and click on “Raise Hand” from “Reactions” icon.
Please ensure that you are not moving
and are in a quiet place.
The host will unmute you.
You will need to accept being unmuted.
Ask your question and once you are satisfied
please mute yourself back
and let others ask questions.
– During the satsang, chat/video interaction
between the participants is disabled.
Once Gautam leaves, the meeting will be opened
for communication between participants.

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Created: June 7, 2024 
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