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Francis: Suspended in Pure Light

Posted by Holger:

“Let the sweetness of life come to you.
Be open without resistance, without expecting.”


In case Francis’ recording has too low of a volume, you can listen to an amplified version:


Two in one:

“The mind wants to know, but cannot.
When the mind knows that it cannot know,
it becomes silent.

When the mind becomes silent,
when it gives up its pretension of knowing
and becomes empty of its entire luggage,
we receive from this invisible source
that is the core of our being,
precisely what needs to be known at every moment,
if indeed anything needs to be known.

To live in this way,
in this silence of the mind,
open to universal harmony,
is what is called to live in the Tao.

Then there is happiness at every moment,
miracle at every moment, discovery, newness,
freshness, creation, at every moment.

It is very easy.

There is no need to be self-realized
to have this experience.

Just do it.”

— Francis Lucille

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Created: March 6, 2023 
Last modified: March 6, 2023

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