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Discussions with Saltzman

Posted by Holger:

Magdi‘s comment
on 04-30-2023 > Irena @ 10,000:

Irena, Vedanta invites us to contemplate Viveka. Namely to contemplate that in our experience ‘that which is observed’ is dream like and ‘the perceiving aspect’ is changeless.

They distinguish between impermanent appearance and permanent being/awareness.
But, this does not imply duality.

Saltzman is opposed to this Vedantic aspect of the teaching. I had a few discussions with him concerning this matter. But he is not open to this understanding.

The Vedantic teaching of Advaita shares that although ‘That’ which appears is ‘dream like’, although mind and matter do not have an independent reality, they are nonetheless real as consciousness.

There is no separation between observer, observed and observation.
In fact all three are concepts.
In religious terms, one could say ‘All is one’.

All is God.


Holger: Sorry, the photo of the peacock is unrelated to this post.
Earlier this morning we just spoke about peacocks at our meeting at the GardenOfFriends.com.


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Created: May 1, 2023 
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One response to “Discussions with Saltzman”

  1. Irena Avatar

    Thanks Magdi for your thoughtful comments. Gratefulness for discernment which arises in all of us when it does without choosing to discern or not. All is God, we agree on that🙏
    Love the peacock, Holger

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