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Viveka – Vairagya

Posted by Holger:

In the context of nonduality, what is viveka?

In the context of nonduality, viveka refers to the discernment or discrimination between the real and the unreal, the eternal and the temporary, the self and the non-self. It is a Sanskrit term commonly used in Advaita Vedanta, a philosophical school of thought that emphasizes the unity of existence and the non-dual nature of reality.

Viveka is often described as the ability to distinguish between the eternal, unchanging aspect of reality (known as Brahman or the Absolute) and the transient, illusory nature of the world of appearances (known as Maya or the phenomenal world). It involves recognizing that the true nature of oneself and the universe is fundamentally non-dual, beyond any conceptual divisions or distinctions.

Through viveka, one is encouraged to discriminate between the temporary and ever-changing aspects of life, such as the physical body, thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and the unchanging, underlying essence that permeates everything. It is a process of discernment that aims to shift one’s identification from the limited, egoic self to the expansive awareness of one’s true nature.

Viveka is closely related to another concept called vairagya, which refers to dispassion or detachment from the temporary and fleeting aspects of existence. Together, viveka and vairagya form an integral part of the path of self-realization, guiding individuals towards a direct experience of their inherent unity with the absolute reality.


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Created: April 27, 2023 
Last modified: April 27, 2023

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