Crastinate like a Pro (-; –

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Crastinate like a Pro (-;

Posted by Holger:

Not to entertain this as a pro-blem,
but as a playful way to open up:


ChatGPT computer:

The act of procrastination
can carry valuable insights.

Procrastination serves as a
subtle message from your mind,

Lack of Clarity: You might not have
a clear understanding to complete the task.

Lack of Purpose: The task may not
hold a deep enough meaning for you.

Occasionally, it’s your subconscious signaling,
“This isn’t crucial at the moment.”

Transforming procrastination into understanding
involves a simple practice:
Whenever a task is delayed, jot down the reasons.
Recognizing patterns in these reasons
unveils necessary adjustments to better align
your tasks with your energy levels,
values, and overarching goals.


Conquering Procrastination:

If avoidance persists,
shift your focus to preparation.
Organize your resources, strategize
your approach, and take notes.
This not only demystifies the task
but also ignites motivation.

Still finding yourself in procrastination’s grasp?
Pose a crucial question:
What’s the worst outcome if I commence [start] this now?
Often, the answer is far less daunting than the prolonged delay.


Holger: For me, talking with a friend
can be like a fresh wind,
potentially exposing/dissolving life-long limitations.

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Created: January 30, 2024 
Last modified: January 30, 2024

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