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Consciousness & Reality

Posted by Magdi Badawy:

On Tue, Oct 25, 2022 at 10:42am, Magdi Badawy wrote:

Hi Holger I received your invitation.


Here are a few words about C:

  • Consciousness is reality/being also known as Sat/Chit/Ananda (Presence/awareness/bliss).
  • There is one reality and this reality is the reality of consciousness, the reality which perceives this perception right now.
  • There is one reality.
  • Experientially (not conceptually) ‘I’ refers to this one reality, the reality of C.
  • C is not limited nor is it personal or dependent on the body mind. It does not exist in time and space, time and space are its modulations.
  • Our experience of C is our experience of ourselves, our true self which is not diffracted via the mind.
  • Although the experience of C is veiled by the belief that C is limited and personal, C is never truly interrupted.
  • Given C is real and there is one R, therefore the reality of the mind, body and world is C.
  • The true body of C is universal body.
  • The true mind of C is universal mind.
  • The experience of C knowing/being itself is the experience of peace and happiness.


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Created: October 25, 2022 
Last modified: November 4, 2022

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