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Circumstantial & Attitudinal

Posted by Holger:

Pleasure and pain are circumstantial,
suffering is attitudinal.

It is too simple…
“Let’s rush over it, give me something more exciting”
says the misguided ‘me’, in its unaware quest,
perpetuating suffering.

Is it a paradox that thinking creates our suffering,
but is also the tool to debunk it?

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What do you do with such an amazing pointer?
What makes a pointer/quote alive?

Disclaimer: our attitude is not in our direct control.

In the context of
‘thinking creates our suffering,
but can also debunk it’
this appeared:

“…For example,
to remove a thorn in your finger
you use another thorn;
then you throw both of them away.
But if you keep the second thorn
which was used to remove the first one,
you’ll surely be stuck again.

To remove ignorance,
knowledge is necessary,
but finally both must
dissolve into Reality.
Your Self is without ignorance,
without knowledge.

…If you keep the second thorn,
which means knowledge,
even if it is a golden thorn,
you’ll be stuck [by the second thorn].

…Knowledge is a great thing
but it must be only a remedy.
When the fever goes off
thanks to the medicine you take,
you must stop taking it.
Don’t prolong the treatment
or you will create more problems.

Knowledge is necessary only
to remove the disease of ignorance.
The doctor will always prescribe a limited dosage!”

From Ranjit Maharaj via

Created: November 14, 2022 
Last modified: November 22, 2022

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