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Be heart on yourself

Posted by Holger:

(I hope you won’t take it personally,
this random photo.)


I want to thank you!

For your friendship.

Your love for truth.

For showing up, for being open.


I am still amazed.

This Presence, Peace, Love.


No-thing is more important.


What do I really want?

How does “non-duality” work,
what does it do (-;

Joel Goldsmith once said:
“Truth is an activity in your own consciousness”.


For decades I passively consumed spiritual “content”,
mainly because I felt so unhappy
(or because I had no choice).

An activity in “my own consciousness”…

Mind and speech are precious gifts,
like the mud covered raw diamond nobody notices.


So many concepts, stories, pointers…

“Truth is an activity in my own consciousness”…


There seems to be a place for thinking.

Not the old sinking into the me-story.

But the thinking of Life, impersonally ❤️





Thank you for our meeting today!

It feels very intimate and priceless this in-team-a-see.

And in a way it is always the same one
recognition of Presence,
the one fits all solution.


Thank you Sina for inviting Goli,
thank you Sudha for joining at such an early hour ❤️
Thank you everyone and Damya, for this onedering
together, open, brave, curious.

No-thing is more important than…


K-now-ing beyond doubt?
Asking freedom questions.
Risking “I don’t know”.
Being with what IS
(including the ya-but).


Sometimes gentle and quiet.

Sometimes rough and loud.

Mooji Music…


“Hey Holger, my nephew was killed
in a car accident last night.
I won’t be around for awhile.
Please hold me in your precious heart
and don’t forget me.
Love to you and all the friends. ♥️”

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Created: March 22, 2024 
Last modified: March 22, 2024

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2 responses to “Be heart on yourself”

  1. Holger Avatar

    Thank you James for this beautiful piano piece peace!

  2. Elena Greenbury Avatar
    Elena Greenbury

    Beautiful share from the heart Holger. 💜

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