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Already built in God’s creation

Posted by Magdi Badawy:

15 Year Timelapse:

All what is required is already built in God’s creation. It is inherently available for the survival and procreation of the organism.
Beauty resides in the appreciation.
Our business is to awaken from the unhappy impression of separation. Our freedom resides within this awakening.


How do you process this:

Once there is clarity about consciousness, meaning once it is clear that consciousness (although it is invisible to the senses and although it is non-phenomenal) is real and that this consciousness/awareness is the only reality, meaning your reality and the reality of formless consciousness is one and the same, all you need to do is relax in that understanding.
Meaning, allow this understanding to bloom, be interested and available for this understanding to bloom.
One may ask: What should be my practice?
In the case this question is significant for you, then, your practice is, whenever you notice unhappiness, recollect this understanding that you are this formless reality and not a personal body mind entity.
Allow this recollection.
Rest in/as this recollection.
Feel it.

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Created: July 7, 2024 
Last modified: July 7, 2024

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