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A relationship with Silence

Posted by Holger:


David Whyte on Why It’s Important to Befriend Silence


Some unordered (rough) notes:

“To love means to let the beloved to be.”
St. Augustine (Allen)

astonished mouth

Larry Lynch has horse’s ears

Hiding leads life to itself.

naming is the shaming

Giving myself space.
Not doing anything.
Out of nowhere I started writing.
“Still possible.”
“It is all still possible.”

It is still possible to be kind to yourself.

Lost children you are still to bring to birth and maturity.

Miraculous ability to transform.

– Allowing to be happy
– space
– unhappiness = naming mind

You could witness Love
miraculously arriving
from nowhere.

It is still possible to fully understand:
you have always been the place where
the miracle happens; a goodness to itself.

Unleash the reservoir of money.
– deserving
– gravitational pull
– how we feel we don’t measure up.

way home.
as a giving UP.
Full rest.

What do I really love in my life?

Virtuosos at unnecessary heartbreak.

natural happiness

Happiness is the space around.

Undo everything others seemed
to want to make you learn.

Happiness might just be a single step away.

The practical art of being proudly esteeming but generously…

A cradled way of holding ourself in the body.

Just let it go…
too small for you.

The felt sense:
unguarded joy might kill you.

The edge of darkness
you always carried with you.

Inherited sense of hurt.

Naming mind.
Being slightly off-balance.

rested happiness.

The edge of darkness is also the edge of light.

ability to silence.

What is real is almost always hidden.

Looking at the edge inside you.

Hiding done properly.

A civil war inside of individuals.

Loving anonymous.

Allow yourself to be yourself.

Living, breathing body,
always waiting at the door,
wanting you to come home.

Sweet darkness.
The narrow creative road
between craziness and genius.

What is the reluctance to be happy?










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Created: April 23, 2024 
Last modified: April 23, 2024

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