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3D Zoom & Ai Drama

Posted by Holger:

I Tried a Secret Google Project!
Marques Brownlee


“… a super immersive 3D video calling booth
that makes it look like
the person on the other side
is actually in front of you.”


“Godfather of AI” Geoffrey Hinton Warns of the “Existential Threat” of AI

“Jeffrey Hinton, considered the Godfather of A.I, believes that the threat of A.I is more urgent than climate change. He recently left Google to raise awareness of the risks associated with A.I and how to manage them. Hinton has been working in the field of A.I for over 40 years and believed that building computer models of how the brain learns would lead to better machine learning on computers. However, he recently realized that digital intelligences built on computers were actually learning better than the brain.

Hinton believes that A.I is a significant leap forward because it can understand things intuitively and contextually, without relying on sequential reasoning or internal symbolic expressions. He also thinks that A.I will get smarter than humans and that it poses a threat to the White Collar class of people who may be replaced by Bots and agents. While some people are confident that these machines are not sentient, Hinton believes that they do think in the same sense as humans do.”

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Created: May 18, 2023 
Last modified: May 18, 2023

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