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Yummy Gratitude

Posted by Holger:


Hi Holger,
just thoughts I want to share with you.
Nothing profound, never before uttered or heard, but..

All the turmoil today in this apparent world,
it seems to be reaching a crescendo with
a multitude of downturns and disasters engulfing all,
and now we are poised at the closest ever
to the onset of WW3.

This character believes that The Story,
The Dream, is approaching its end.

Consciousness has had enough of separation.
Why did Consciousness manifest Duality?
Because it could?

It wanted to know experience
and so we have separation,
duality, and the dynamism for this,
desire, either to have or avoid,
(but this is just one thing falsely
branching into two).

So Duality gets the ball rolling
and no-thing gets busy
as an apparent some-thing,
but what does no-thing find?,
it finds that all its characters
all want the same thing
but in a myriad of differing guises:

they want pleasure,
they want the most happiness they can get
their craven and lonely and confused
and lost hands on
and they’ll take it any way,
in any form,
at any cost to themselves
or anybody else
to satisfy this fundamental drive
which is, this overwhelming desire
for their own absence.

Not mortal death,
this can be terrifying,
but somehow,
something that lies beyond mortal death
something that can’t die,
something that has never known suffering
or loneliness,
something eternal and infinite
couched in peace
and love
and silence.

These little morbid characters
long to return
but do not know how,
because there is no how;
asking how,
searching for the answer
denies the true reality:

this is the Answer
searching for the Answer.

I am not writing this to you,
this is simply the one
manifesting as me writing to you.

No-thing ever happens, says it all.

Bye Holger,
Kevin ; )




Thank you Kevin,
What an amazing Life!

So much harmony and beauty,
in the simple mundane.

Washing hands, drinking water.
Reading, thinking, listening,
no-thing, everything.

What a hypnotism, this “me”.

Big hug.

Peace and Love.


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Created: October 17, 2023 
Last modified: October 17, 2023

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One response to “Yummy Gratitude”

  1. Magdi Badawy Avatar
    Magdi Badawy

    One playing the many. Separates itself from itself, but not really.
    Irrespective of this impression of separation, it knows itself to be itself. It knows itself to be the one and only.
    The game of remembrance is on board from the onset. After all, it is the one which is playing the many. While playing the many, deep within, it knows itself to be the one.
    While on the surface, it seems that something is happening, deep down the ocean is still.
    Shakti is the dance of Shiva.
    The nature of the wave is water.
    In movement, water appears as a wave, but all along it is water.
    It never leaves Water to actually become a wave and never leaves a wave to actually return to Water.

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