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WTF – Why the Flip-flops?

Posted by Holger:

A pointer I very much enjoy:

Happiness through peace of mind,
in daily living,
independent of circumstances.

Amazing, when you hear something from someone,
when there is love, trust, openness, Presence…
it can be quite a clarity booster,
something to bravely explore;
to question and relax the old familiar me-bubble.


Not to get lost in blah blah:
The above pointer I heard from Roger Castillo:

We all are drawn to happiness.
Most are misguided into believing that
happiness is to be found in pleasure (and avoiding pain).

There is another form of happiness available:
Happiness through peace of mind.

At first it might seem a little bit
like an acquired taste, something you grow into?

Happiness through peace of mind
is more subtle and maybe requires
a little curiosity and bravery
in looking at what we belief and take for real.


“in daily living” means that it is practical, here and now.
It’s not about waiting, believing, hoping, progressing,
or struggling with the forces of Life.


“independent of circumstances” takes away
all the mind-stuff, all objects,
including the thoughts and feelings I mistook for decades to be “me”.


Just a friendly, innocent, genius pointer:

“Happiness through peace of mind,
in daily living, independent of circumstances”.

… but it has many spiritual vitamins in it (-;

And a disclaimer:
it is only one of uncounted pointers.
It is neither personal nor absolute.


It resonates well with:
“The only truth in the manifestation
is the impersonal sense I am,
all the rest are concepts.”

One needs to be open to really hear this,
otherwise our habitual mind-f#$% just does its thing
in staying stuck as noble seeker of truth.

I’d say it takes the gift of humility to see that happiness is our true nature and that “me” created unhappiness very successfully for decades…


An amazing exploration…
Alone it seems almost impossible, but with impersonal friends ( it is likely to be fun and delightful in the midst of all the ego drama/kindergarten.

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Created: June 5, 2023 
Last modified: June 9, 2023

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