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Woz: Roger’s framework

Thank you Woz for designing/sharing this ❤️

I wonder if this resonates with someone who didn’t spent uncounted hours soaking in Satsang, having heard it over and over. It’s beautiful. So embarrassingly simple.

“The only truth in the manifestation
is the impersonal sense I am,
all the rest are concepts.”

Woz, I look forward seeing you on Sunday
or maybe one day at the GardenOfFriends.com?

(Here is a PDF of the above diagram.)

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Posted by: Holger
Created: May 12, 2023
Last modified: May 12, 2023
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2 responses to “Woz: Roger’s framework”

  1. Ranko Avatar

    This is great !
    Thank you Woz !

  2. Janet Avatar

    I like this and it has flow~~~>~~🤗

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