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Wisdom can be learned…

Posted by Holger:

Are you familiar with this quote:
“Wisdom can be learned, but it cannot be taught.”

Yes, I’m familiar with the quote: “Wisdom can be learned, but it cannot be taught.” This statement suggests that while knowledge and information can be conveyed through teaching, wisdom is something that individuals must actively acquire through their own experiences and reflections. It implies that wisdom goes beyond the mere acquisition of facts and requires personal understanding and application in various life situations.

In essence, this quote underscores the experiential nature of wisdom, suggesting that it is cultivated through a combination of knowledge, practical experience, and thoughtful reflection. It aligns with the idea that true wisdom comes from a deep understanding of oneself and the world, gained through a lifetime of learning and personal growth.

Is there a specific context or aspect of this quote you would like to explore further, or do you have any related questions or discussions in mind?


Thank you Manfred…
I believe it was you who mentioned it
at our GardenOfFriends.com today.

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Created: November 19, 2023 
Last modified: November 19, 2023

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