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Why such open talk?

Posted by Holger:

Excerpt from:
Notes on Spiritual Discourses
of Krishna Menon (Shri Atmananda)


Shri Atmananda expounded the ultimate Truth in the most direct and uncompromising
manner, and he gives his reasons here below for adopting this drastic method.
13th January 1951


A disciple asked:
Why was secrecy so strictly observed
in expounding the Truth in the old shastras?

Evidently, for fear of jeopardizing
established religion and society.
Religion had no place except in duality
and social life. It was the prime moving force
of social life in ancient times.
But the concept of religion could not stand
the strict logic of vedantic Truth.
The sages of old, who recognized
the great need of religion in phenomenal life,
expounded the ultimate Truth
under a strict cover of secrecy,
thus enabling religion to play its role
in lower human society.
But religion in the present day world
has been dethroned in many ways,
and ungodly cults have come into existence
in large numbers.
Therefore it is high time now
to throw off the veil of secrecy,
and broadcast the whole Truth in the face of the world
which has already advanced much, intellectually.

[This is the text of note 51]

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Excerpt from:
Notes on Spiritual Discourses
of Shri Atmananda

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