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What is thinking/feeling?

Posted by Holger:

A fun-da-mental question:

What is thinking,
what is feeling?

If we are confused at the core,
what else can we expect but suffering and struggle?


Pondering stuff is really cool,
but it’s difficult alone,
because our “me” is easily distracted,
feels easily offended and intimidated.


Pondering is like fishing (or being in the garden),
it requires some patience/bravery,
but it is worth all seeming effort.


It is easy to get distracted.
Thinking can be like a maze,


What is thinking/feeling,
is a rad exploration to dis-cover
our true nature of peace and synchronicity.


The “what” goes into two directions…
Conceptually: What is the function/object of thinking/feeling?
Experientially: What am I, who is aware of thinking/feeling…


Waking up, one by one: CFAAE.com
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Created: August 1, 2023 
Last modified: August 1, 2023

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