LOVE is to will the beloved to BE. –

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LOVE is to will the beloved to BE.

Posted by Holger:

Hi Holger,

During the Q&A of the second lecture on
“the Destiny of Freedom (from Kant to Heidegger)”
Professor Emeritus Philippe Nonet considers, what is LOVE.

He concludes by taking refuge
in St. Augustine‘s definition:
to LOVE is to will the beloved to BE.

In the following discussion he makes clear
that to do so, is to WILL the beloved freedom to be
who they choose to be.
He suggests the very word “friend”
rings with such meaning – freeing, free-end.


Here is a link to that lecture:

Philippe Nonet: The Destiny of Freedom
from Kant to Heidegger Day 2


Love to you,

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Created: July 29, 2023 
Last modified: July 29, 2023

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