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Welcome Sudha, Elena, Esther (-;

Posted by Holger:

Hello Elena, Sudha and Esther 🥰

Fascinating: our bodies are maybe thousands of miles apart,
but we can be together in the comfort of our homes or wherever.

What makes us human?

To allow a little sentiment, to be playful.

Maybe warm and open, or tight and grumpy?
Risking to simply be present;
allowing the moment to unfold;
without the need to be someone,
or to get somewhere,
not afraid of whatever might come up.

I don’t know ❤️

Nothing to measure or compare;
higher than making sense,


I am grateful for the gift of human connection,
after mostly resisting it for maybe five decades.

It’s precious to come together,
no matter how it may feel in the beginning,
and to allow the relaxing of “me”;
even while speaking/listening happens.

It is interesting at the garden of friends,
how always something comes up that is fresh,
relevant, interesting; some topic, some sharing.

While effortlessly soaking in Presence.

Sometimes “me” might feel a little awkward
when there is a wave of stillness;
it’s good, beyond right and wrong.


Nondual.community sounds
maybe a little pretentious,
as of right now, because it is
just you and “me”.

It is an experiment…
to risk, to feel, to dis-cover, unlearn…
being surprised by the depth and
simplicity of just showing up.


Maybe to clarify suffering and to share
whatever wants to be shared;
simple things, hearing yOurself.

It is priceless to not always
run into words and mind-stuff,
while being together.


Something like this (-;

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Created: March 7, 2024 
Last modified: March 9, 2024

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One response to “Welcome Sudha, Elena, Esther (-;”

  1. Elena Greenbury Avatar
    Elena Greenbury

    What a beautiful sharing! Thank you so much. I resonate with it all..

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