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We can’t fail in meditation

Posted by Holger:

“If meditation is entered into as a practice, then there is a practicer, a doer. And we might start off like that and realize that the presence of a practicer is the presence of the entity that is continually discriminating whether the experience is valid or not valid; the presence of a principle that is trying to make the experience into something, trying to achieve something.

And so that experiencer or doer of the meditation will complain about the dog barking or the noise outside, complain about the thinking that isn’t settled or that is still present.

And so if we can go into meditation allowing everything to be as it is with no objective, no idea of what a good meditation or a bad meditation looks like, meaning that we can’t fail.

Meditation is simply the presence with what is, which means if the thinking mind is active, there is, as much as possible, the witnessing of the thinking mind without that being a task that you have to do. The witnessing of the meditation will happen when we don’t have a task to do.

If we have a task to do, that’s the doer going into meditation, and the doer is the very opposite of witnessing.

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Created: February 3, 2024 
Last modified: February 3, 2024

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