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Walter’s removal request

Posted by Holger:

Dear Walter,

I complied with your removal request,
and took you off the friends map,
and deleted posts related to your person,
on this website.

Sorry for the delay, but somehow I entertained the hope
that you would respond to my ‘take heart seeker’ email,
asking you for forgiveness, dialogue, openness.

Please Walter, I need to ask you for your help:
during our previous ‘friendship’ of almost three years,
I gave you credit, as a peacemaker and truth lover,
on several websites; I have no way to remember or search
where I advertised for your book and person.

Please be so kind and email specific URLs
and I will delete or impersonalize those postings:

I trust that we can respect each other as human being,
and that I don’t need to be afraid to be harmed physically.

Beyond right-doing and wrong-doing,
I always welcome you, dedicated to love and truth;
to embrace with our heart what mind cannot understand.

Psychological agitation and resistance
is the separate-self:
10% faulty thinking, 90% muscle-memory.


On Sep 26, 2023 at 4:26 AM -0700, Walter wrote:


I trust you are well.

I am requesting removal from your “friends map” and any other photos of my likeness on any of your websites. I would ask for your cooperation in completing this request. I did not consent to you taking them during meetings. Since I was removed by you from a live meeting of Garden of Friends I feel this is appropriate.

This email and its content is intended for you as the recipient. It is not sent for you to post on the internet/website. It is not meant to be shared with others as a means of helping you “process” as you have said. It is not an invitation for another conversation on the matters of meetings/collaboration etc. which I consider closed (not open for discussion).

Thank-you for your anticipated cooperation in this request.


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Created: September 28, 2023 
Last modified: September 28, 2023

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