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Walk in the Light

Posted by James:

GURDJIEFF: Who wants to begin must first forget about love, for it is impossible to think about how to learn to love. Have it as your ultimate aim, but in the meantime what is important is your direction. It is as if you were walking along a dark, road, and in the distance you see a light―a street lamp. But as you walk towards it you see that there are many other lampposts between you and that distant light. Little by little you approach the first of them. Meantime all your attention should be concentrated on that first lamppost. But when you have passed it, there is another, and so on, and your original light seems to get further and further away. And you should forget about the distant light and walk slowly because the road is dark, Every way is dark; it is easy lo break your nose. The first lamps are your immediate aims. When you have come to the first you see the second. And so it goes on every hundred meters. If you look far ahead you will only fall.

For those attuned to the current trends of nondualism and the direct path, this guidance from Gurdjieff appears anathema. They will say, “stop walking. Rest in the light of awareness which you already are.”

However, for most of us, especially myself, the truth is, if I stop and appreciate the light of awareness, after a few moments, out of boredom and confusion in the mind, I get up and start walking again. If I am lucky enough to recall Gurdjieff’s words, I look up and see the next light, the light of awareness in the background of my experience. If I again rest in it, the cycle repeats. If I keep walking, I may see the ‘next’ light and keep a part of my attention on it. Knowing it as my ultimate aim, my true self. And as I continue the journey, with grace, this light will grow in prominence until it fills my world.

This is one scenario. There are many others, as many as individual beings. May you find one that keeps your attention on your light.

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Created: March 18, 2024 
Last modified: March 18, 2024

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One response to “Walk in the Light”

  1. Holger Avatar

    Thank you James!
    What do I really know?

    An untangling happens by grace, not in my control.

    The “me” wants more.
    I simply am, at peace beyond doubt.

    No need to rush,
    no right or wrong.

    Peace, independent of circumstances.
    Thoughts and feelings are circumstances.

    Thinking, feeling, perceiving this world into existence;
    either personal “me” or universal I am?

    No shame, no blame, no pride.


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