Vis a vis Divisiveness/Strife/Inanity #3 –

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Vis a vis Divisiveness/Strife/Inanity #3

Posted by Holger:

“Some might say: ‘Fragmentation of cities, religions, political systems, conflict in the form of wars, general violence, fratricide, etc., are the reality. Wholeness is only an ideal, toward which we should perhaps strive.’ But this is not what is being said here. Rather, what should be said is that wholeness is what is real, and that fragmentation is the response of this whole to man’s action, guided by illusory perception, which is shaped by fragmentary thought.”

David Bohm


Thank you Ralph!
Maybe one day we see at the


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Created: October 23, 2023 
Last modified: October 23, 2023

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