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Update 12-03-2022

Posted by Holger:

Peace 🌻
There are some new friends on the map (-;

Over the weekend I participate(d) in an Online Weekend Retreat
with Rupert and 800+ participants.

Three days,
each with a 90 minute meditation and a 2 hour Q&A,
plus breakout room (3-5 people).

Just as a two-finger typing exercise,
I transcribed the first meditation.

What a gift to meet ‘in person’,
to spend time with the timeless,
to clarify misconceptions.


PS: There is a Magdi Satsang,
Sunday at 2:00 PM PT ❤️

PPS: Mastodon, as a Twitter alternative,
is still simmering: we.nondual.community.

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Created: December 3, 2022 
Last modified: December 26, 2022

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