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Update 11-14-2022

Posted by Holger:

Dear Friend,

nondual.community is still alive,
moving along with baby-steps.

I added a new section (post type), called
“Nondual Presenters” (instead of teachers).

So far I only manually added Magdi:

Lots of the functionality is still missing.

It’s interesting writing this email here,
it reminds about all the emails I delete daily;
emails about things I am not interested in anymore,
but still subscribed to.

Someone shared that Rupert Spira and Eckhart Tolle
are supposedly working on finding ways to connect truth lovers.

For me it is not about quantity, but quality.
Keeping it delightful, it is more like an art…

Sunday morning I had a Zoom with 5 friends,
we meet weekly since maybe a year (or two);
it is really wonderful!

With whom else can you freely talk?

It is not about likes and dislikes,
but love (in whatever shape or form).

Sorry, I don’t want to end up in blah blah,
I just had on mind to send out a quick
note and say Thank You for adding yourself
to the Friends Map.

So fascinating how we all seem to be so unique
(differently conditioned body-minds),
and yet there is only one Reality.



PS: Any feedback appreciated (-;
Maybe even just a “Hello”.

PPS: Sorry Ethan for letting you wait so long:
You can now delete your Words (post).
There is now a little thingy below your post.

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Created: November 14, 2022 
Last modified: November 14, 2022

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2 responses to “Update 11-14-2022”

  1. Magdi Badawy Avatar
    Magdi Badawy

    How does one connect that which has never been disconnected, that which is beyond connection and disconnection?
    There has never been any reality to the sense of separation. Separation is illusion.
    That which is has never not been and that which is not has never been.

    1. Holger Avatar

      How to heal a ghost of anorexia?

      The sense of separation is an illusion.

      Do we want to get rid of anything?

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